When you start seeing Facebook posts made by Pages you don’t even follow, don’t panic; it’s just Zuckerberg and Co’s latest way to spread content around on your News Feed.

Announced on Tuesday, the latest tweak to Facebook’s News Feed algorithm means that you will start seeing posts in which Pages you’ve “liked” are tagged. If that sounds a little confusing, it means that if a Page you don’t follow posts about a Page you do follow, that post will probably show up on your News Feed. I hope that clears it all up.

The change is very similar to the way you can already see posts that your friends are tagged in even if they are tagged by strangers. Although this may work out well for businesses seeking to get a little more exposure through tagging other popular sites, the change might not be as pleasing to users who don’t want more marketing content on their News Feed.

This is the latest in  a string of changes from Facebook which aim to give users more content to engage with on their News Feed.