T-Mobile’s tempting $200 trade-in deal reportedly brought the carrier a crowd of new users looking to trade in their old smartphones for shinier new devices. Unfortunately, while this is great news for T-Mobile, the numbers aren’t looking great for BlackBerry, whose users were quick to jump ship in the offer.

The offer from T-Mobile, which lasted from February 19 to March 5, invited BlackBerry owners to trade in their phones for $200 off a new device of their choice. The deal drew in a fair few new customers for T-Mobile, but not many of them walked away with a brand new BlackBerry in their pockets.

Despite price cuts on the new BlackBerry Q10 or Z10, most participating customers opted to walk away with a device by a rival manufacturer. Over the course of the trade-in offer, a staggering 94% of users swapped their tired old BlackBerry phones for devices by rival companies like Apple and Samsung. While the exact number of participants was not released, the deal was referred to as “very successful” by sources within T-Mobile.