In an email to Reuters, Apple confirmed that it would be issuing a software update to fix its desktop and notebook encryption errors “very soon”. Late last week, researchers found that the email, financial information, and personal data of Mac users could be exposed by hackers thanks to a severe security flaw in Apple’s popular iOS 7 and OS X platforms.

At first, the security flaw discovered last week seemed to only affect iPads and iPhones, however researchers have since discovered that the major vulnerability also seems to exist in Apple’s notebooks and desktop computers, which run on OS X. Speaking to Reuters, Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller said that the company was aware of the issue and had a software fix in the works and lined up for a quick release.

Mobile devices already received their fix thanks to a quick security upgrade which was rolled out to iOS 7 devices on Friday- this will update automatically on most devices. However, once the iOS 7 flaw was fixed, experts were quickly able to trace a similar vulnerability to Apple’s other operating system.