In an effort to increase the site’s security power, Tumblr has introduced a two-factor authentication process similar to the one already in use by Google, Microsoft, Twitter and Dropbox. The service was announced and launched on Monday and can be accessed by users via the Settings page.

Security is a growing concern for internet users around the world, prompting a number of prominent online services to undergo stringent verification processes and checks. Users of the Yahoo-owned Tumblr blogging site will now be able to make it more difficult than ever for outsiders to access their accounts.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with the idea of a two-factor authentication process, Tumblr’s staff was quick to shed a little light on the issues. “You know how you need two keys to launch a nuclear missile?,” a blog post asked. “Two-factor authentication works like that. One key is your password, the other is your cellular phone, and you need both to access your Tumblr Dashboard.”

Now that you have a better idea on accessing both your Tumblr and a nuclear weapon, you can go ahead and increase your security settings as you see fit.