The latest social media statistics released have shown that Facebook has taken a major nosedive in terms of its popularity amongst teenagers. Although the social network is more popular than ever with the older generation, teenagers have steadily moved to greener pastures in the past three years, resulting in a loss of 3 million users in the US alone.

Whilst kids aged between 13 and 17 have shown an overall decline of -25.3% on Facebook, users over 55 years of age have surged forward by 80.4% in the last three years. Many experts believe that the two statistics have a lot to do with one another; quite simply, teenagers may be less interested in Facebook because their parents and grandparents are all over it.

The statistics were released by iStrategyLabs, who have been monitoring Facebook’s US-based user data since 2010 using the social network’s Social Advertising platform to take a good long look at the user base. This is not the first time that major problems retaining teenagers has been an issue for Facebook; the social network has steadily been losing interest amongst teens in favor of newer platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.