Over 1 million user e-mails and passwords have apparently been stolen from Forbes by the Syrian Electronic Army following a hacking attack which compromised the world-famous publication’s popular website.

Apart from inundating Forbes’ compromised website with a series of fake stories, hackers from the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) claim to have stolen the details for over 1 million Forbes users, which will reportedly be published online in the near future. The hackers announced their victory on Friday, tweeting about the attack and posting pictures of the backend of the Forbes website.

Forbes confirmed the story to be true in a Facebook post not long after the announcement by the SEA. Although the official statement from Forbes is that no passwords were actually stolen in the attack, the company has still urged website users to change their login details as a precaution against further exploitation.

A spokesperson for the SEA stated that Forbes was being targeted specifically because of the organization’s belief that Forbes showed a clear hatred for Syria within its publication and articles.