It is sometimes necessary for computer users to remove any File associations that could be on their computer systems. The removal of file association is usually done on operating systems such as Windows XP and Windows Vista. Windows Vista’s graphical User Interface (GUI) is very easy to work with as it consists of changing, setting or editing file associations from different types of files and protocols that can be used for opening with default programs.

The operating system however lacks a utility or tool that can be used in the unassociation of file types and the removal of file extension associations that are already within the registry. Inside the Windows Vista operating systems are 2 command link services that can be put to use in the removal of all associations of file extension with the default program that belongs to it. There is a particular way through which one can use the ftype and assoc commands in the removal of a file type association that belongs to an extension. If for instance a user wanted to remove a .rar extension that is associated “to open with winrar.exe they should first open the system’s elevated command prompt with admistrator privileges. They should then remove the association of the file extension from the file type that has been assigned to it with the assoc.ext command and then hit the ENTER key.

The next step is to replace.ext using an extension name that requires to be removed. For instance if it is WinRAR.rar extension replace it with assoc.rar. It should be noted that after the disassociation of the file extension from the file type it is no longer possible for the file type’s default program to be shown within the “Open With” list that belongs to the file extension. Finally, clear and then delete the default application that was used for open command as the launch of this file was going on. This can be done by typing ftype File Type and pressing ENTER. Replace this File Type using the actual name of the file type name that has relations to the particular file extension that is supposed to be removed from the computer system.

Alternatively, one can use particular programs that are on the internet and that have been designed especially for the purpose of the removal of the file associations from operating systems such as Windows XP and Windows Vista. For this file to be used it has to be downloaded and it will appear on the screen. To remove the file associations, one should select the file type and then click onto Remove File Association or Delete file type. Finally click on yes and the file association will be deleted.

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