The use of computers continues to be embraced by many because of the many functions that it brings forth. However, quite a number of people often experience different kinds of problems when working on a PC. Among the problems that people often encounter is when for example their Windows Taskbar is disabled and they are unable to see hidden files. If this problem is present and one cannot open the Windows Registry Editor either, it’s in almost all cases a virus infection.

The autorun.inf virus is a common kind of virus that infects most computer systems. Tips on how to detect and remove the virus are of essence. Computer users should note that most of the times, this type of virus is spread through the mostly used removable storage devices like Memory Sticks, External HDD’s and USB drives. The spreading of this virus can be clearly illustrated in the steps it usually takes. Firstly, the virus infects the removable drive and as a following step places an autorun.inf file that contains a number of DLL files. In addition, in a few instances the autorun.inf makes a copy onto each and every partition that is on the hard disk of the user. Then, any time that the drive is plugged on a particular system, the autorun file goes on to execute itself and then copy the dlls. In actuality, it makes changes on the registry and then edits a number of startup entries. The next time a user goes to their computer; the activities of the virus will be shown when they restart their PC.

The files usually stay on the PC of the user as hidden files and the user is not in a position to enable the option of the Show Hidden File if the virus has infected the system. At the same, the virus goes on to disable other computer components as well. Such components that are likely to be disabled as well are the Registry Editor and Task Manager. Victims of this virus should make use of the Smart Virus Remover which is basically an entirely free tool that is offered by for the purpose of fighting this type of virus. The tool works by restoring the values of default registries and in addition helps in the removal of the autorun.inf file from the user’s USB drive. Autorun Eater is another utility for freeware that can be used in the restoration of registry values that have been changed as well as re-enable every disabled item. It also removes the threat of autorun. The program is free and light weight as well. Autorun.inf presents a virus that came be easily detected and removed from one’s system with the right utility programs.

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