If you have checked the task manager and found a new, but difficult to remove, process then you may have encountered the jusched.exe process (which tries to find out whether there are fresh updates to Java). This is Java’s background process whose role is to check for new Java updates, by accessing the Internet regularly.

Java is an application environment that does not depend on the windows OS. It was written by Sun Microsystems and is usually installed when someone downloads and installs the Sun Microsystems Java suite.

Jusched.exe is not considered a virus or a Trojan, nor is it adware or popup related. The program is also not spyware. To decide whether or not to keep this process consider the PC’s speed. If the PC is slow, then you might need to remove this process, as slow PCs need all their systems resources free to work effectively. However, if you are using a fast PC, then there is probably no reason to stop this process. Another thing that should be considered is if you intend to update Java and its components periodically. If you do plan to update Java then you shouldn’t cancel this process, however, if you do not intend to update Java, then it can be removed.

The Java process in itself is not a virus so long as it remains in the designated Java folder, which can be found in many users’ C:/program files /JAVA folder. If you want to repair jusched.exe-associated computer problems, you should start by running task manager in order to look at this process in more detail. One danger of this process is that because it is run by default on systems that are installed with Java, virus writers usually disguise their malware as