Generally, overclocking is a word used for describing components that run using higher than the required rates in trying to increase the performance levels. A variety of the computer elements could be overclocked, together with the graphics cards, processors and memories. The Overclocking degree might consist of merely obtaining minute gains from the affordable elements to looking for the levels of performances that are further than what users can be able to buy at that moment.

There are some things that these users are not aware of; overclocking is rare since there are some drawbacks. Therefore, they should ensure that there are no hindrances when they decide to overclock. The main reason why overclocking is rare nowadays is because the present processors have advanced their heat spreaders. This assists in uniformly spreading the heat and as a result puts off the intense CPU hotspots while overclocking.

The overclocking process normally relies on various factors like vCore voltage, Front Bus Frequency, RAM, Power Supply Unit, the processor and the cooling system among other factors. Users are required to rise their vcore voltages to obtain higher results. Once the voltage increases, the temperature of the processor also increases and an excellent cooling system will assure lower temperatures. The amd processor is likely to become stable and run fast and safe. Users are required to pump up the front frequency bus and incase the RAM fails to handle high frequencies, the system is likely to experience problems with stability like crashes and freezing. Therefore, obtain an excellent DDR RAM and a motherboard that is good for overclocking.

Users are also required to personally find out which settings are good for overclocking as each system is unique and gives different reactions to overclocking. All AMD XP series processors use superlocked and unlocked multipliers. The unlocked multipliers enable users to make changes in BIOS that will translate in awesome overclocking. However, the superclocked multipliers do not give users a chance to change multipliers as the overclocking is via FSB. Generally, overclocking is a very simple process but it calls for extreme caution. It is a trial and error procedure with different users obtaining different results.

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