Be on the lookout for two critical security updates scheduled to be released by Microsoft at some point next week.

Security updates addressing flaws in Internet Explorer, along with other areas of Windows, will be available to Microsoft users as of next week. The company announced in a bulletin on Thursday, that the update would patch a critical security flaw in IE10, which was found to be exploiting compromised websites since late January. The flaw was reported by security firm FireEye, with similar flaws also found by Websense.

Aside from this flaw, Microsoft is also addressing vulnerabilities which affect nearly all versions of Windows, including the 12-year-old Windows XP, which will be removed from active support in April. This security update may be one of the final upgrades ever made available for users of the discontinued sytem.

Microsoft’s “critical” rating is the most sever on its flaw classification system, so it is advisable for users of Internet Explorer 10 to install the update as soon as it becomes available to them.