Most errors in the hardware devices and software normally make the system slow down or crush. Therefore, it is important for one to identify the problem and be able to fix it as soon as possible. Some of the software and device drivers stop errors include FAT_FILE_SYSTEM 0×00000023 and the NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM 0×00000024.

To fix these stop errors caused be the software or device drivers, one should confirm whether the driver identified by the stop error message driver has been certified and signed by the WHQL also known as Windows Hardware Quality Labs or not. To find the unsigned drivers, a Sigverif.exe process should be run. The identified driver should be replaced as soon as possible and this can be done by the use of a manufactures updated version or alternatively from a good copy of the installation media. After this has been done, one should then be able to disable the driver which has been newly installed or disable the driver after the stop error has identified.

If the video driver in use has not been supplied by Windows XP Professional, one is supposed to switch to a standard VGA type of driver or a driver which is compatible and is supplied with Windows XP. After that, any software which is known to use the filter drivers such as the disk fragmentation, the firewall, back up programs, anti virus and remote control should be uninstalled. Running the Recovery Console program will facilitate the repair of all the detected errors in the system. Incase the stop error occurred after a Random Access Memory was added on the computer, it may cause the paging file to be corrupted or make the RAM which has just been added to be incompatible or faulty. In such a case, the Pagefile.sys file should be deleted and then returned to the original Random Access Memory configuration.