A German digital security firm has launched some serious claims against the Russian government, claiming that official Russian sources may be responsible for a newly-detected malware program called “Uroburos”.

G Data, which specializes in computer security and antivirus detection, has made these serious accusations based on the complexity of the malicious software, as well as the heavy presence of Cyrillic words in the program. That is not enough to implicate the Russian government; however sources within G Data also claim that the virus’ behavior is another indicator that government agents might be at work.

According to experts at G Data, the Uroburos malware seems to be looking for and following traces of a previous virus known as Agent.BTZ, which was linked to a huge and damaging attack on the Pentagon’s cybersecurity in 2008. The Uroburos malware itself was apparently designed to steal files and monitor network traffic, and is a very advanced piece of software according to analysts from GData.