In addition to pinning beautiful images, recipes, infographics and more, avid Pinterest users will now also be able to add GIFs to their online collections.

A new feature from the social media site will soon allow users to add GIFs to their pin boards, a feature which had not been possible in the past. Although GIFs have been around more or less since the start of the internet, the small moving image files only truly became popular with the mainstream internet population following the rise of Yahoo-owned microblogging site Tumblr. Previously, any GIFs which were uploaded to Pinterest simply appeared as still images unless users followed the link through to their original site.

In a statement to viral website Mashable’s social media blog, a Pinterest spokeswoman confirmed that the company was working on a way to make pinning GIFs possible. Currently, as the feature is still being tested, only a few select users have the ability to see GIFs as anything other than still images. It is unclear how long testing will last before the feature is hopefully rolled out to the rest of the social media network.