Repair Windows Registry

It is often assumed that to maintain the Windows registry in good shape requires expert skills. Whilst this is essentially true, life is made easy by the introduction of registry optimizing software that filter and delete any obsolete and unnecessary registry values that cause our systems to slow down. Below are five reasons why our registry should be kept in top condition:

  • Having a sluggish PC: Disk accessing will be reduced if the registry is reduced in size by the removal of any invalid registry keys. An example being references to uninstalled programs being called up during start up.
  • Incorrect system shut-downs: Power failures, hard resets, system crashes, etc. can damage the registry which is stored in system memory at boot-up for quick accessing. Corruption is likely to occur if the system is shut down abruptly.
  • Spyware/Malware entries: This software is unintentionally loaded on a PC with the intent of corrupting data. It embeds itself in the registry by inserting invalid entries and making the system unstable thus making it more prone to crashing.
  • Cost of PC repair: Think about the time (money!) lost to re-install Windows (which typically happens twice yearly!) on a buggered machine, expensive technician visits etc… A simple registry clean up could avoid all this financial hassle. It pays to have the registry maintained regularly.
  • Data loss: Nowadays, in the digital age, we rely on our computers to store our files such as music collections, photographs, work documents and other important material. All this data could potentially be lost should the registry be corrupted….a back up of this data helps but few users do that nowadays.

Whilst the above are not listed in any particular order of importance, one cannot ignore the potential of registry optimization software. One can get rid of all those nagging registry issues and make using the PC far less frustrating.

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