The major security issue that was found to be plaguing Apple’s OS X platform has finally been patched up by a number of updates across the board. In total, Mac users had a hefty 37 security vulnerabilities upgraded, while Windows-based QuickTime users had 10 flaws patched up.

After huge vulnerabilities were discovered in OS X and iOS 7 late last week, Apple has finally served up a fix to its users, offering upgrades for its Mavericks, Lion, and Mountain Lion operating system. Noticeably, the company’s older Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6) platform has been left off the list of upgrades, leaving its users in the dark as far as vulnerabilities go.

The revelation of these vulnerabilities last week shook up Apple’s huge user base, with many people clamoring for a fix immediately. One of Apple’s greatest selling points over the years has long been the assumption that its devices and computers were more secure. While this little tidbit hasn’t strictly been true in quite some time, Apple isn’t exactly falling over itself to correct the misconception.