The Canon PowerShot A630 is a camera that boasts high-end features including a show-stopping 8.0 megapixel resolution. It is also comes with the wide range of high-performance features found on other Canon high-end cameras. The camera is affordable and offers superior photography. Its high resolution is enhanced by a 4X optical zoom, which brings images closer.

The viewer can see images clearly on a 2.5-inch LCD monitor that is wide, bright and has a Vari-Angle. The camera’s 21 shooting modes make the photographer’s life easier and more fun, and include great functions like extended ISO settings (which enables the photographer to take pictures even in low light with no blurring).

Canon’s PowerShot digital cameras have combined the creative performance of professional SLR digital cameras with the convenience of a compact camera. The Canon PowerShot A630 camera also features a Safety Zoom and digital teleconverter. The camera’s 8.0 megapixel sensor allows users creatively to crop unwanted details and, at the same time, offers enough detail for high-quality large prints. The Safety Zoom optimizes the high resolution of the camera, offering more zoom magnification with no destruction of image quality. It can zoom up to 16X when a photographer shoots small images. The digital teleconverter can be activated in order to add more telephoto reach on each shot. With maximum aperture ranges of f2.8 wide and f4.1 telephoto, the camera’s lens is outstandingly bright.

The ISO800 camera mode normally improves results if shots are made in a low-light setting. It also allows flash-free shots indoors. The High ISO Auto setting gives priority to quick shutter speeds by use of higher ISO sensitivity ranges so lowering the risks of image blurring. With the Canon PowerShot A630, quality control is possible enabling photographers to take the best shots ever. The camera also offers improved playback via the 2.5-inch LCD screen. This screen allows photographers to frame unusual angles accurately. The camera’s superior user interface maintains selected grid line displays. Playback is possible with this camera and it is enhanced using a feature that warns the user of overexposure. The feature indicates all overexposed regions on all captured images.

The Canon PowerShot A630 provides various versatile features to use in creative photography. The 21 different modes for shooting include aperture priority, complete manual modes and shutter priority (offering users precise exposure control). The camera also offers various accessories like telephoto converter lenses, a high power flash (that offers more flexibility when taking pictures at night) and a waterproof case offering users complete control at up to 40m depths. The accessories are normally bought separately. This camera offers truly excellent high-quality photography.

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