Dwwin.exe is the executable name of the Microsoft Dr. Watson application debugger (also called drwtsn32.exe, and drwatson.exe), which is an error-reporting tool that comes bundled with a number of Microsoft products. It is reported by the manufacturer as an important process for the secure and stable running of any computer and therefore should not be deleted or disabled. Registry scans usually identify related errors that are common to the process.

The author of dwwin.exe is Microsoft Corporation, and it is listed as a system process. It does not use the network, but runs in the background when a computer is in operation. Additionally, it is not related to any hardware. It is normally found within *:windowssystem32, and if not found in this file location, it may be camouflaged spyware or a virus.

File sizes are approximately 180,224 bytes and it is important to note that a number of malware are known to mimic the dwwin.exe process. Therefore, for example, if dwwin.exe is found in c:\windows\system32 or c:\windows folders, is around 552960 bytes, and is invisible it will probably not be a system file, but be malware used to record and reproduce inputs.

Dwwin.exe is one of the largest traffic searches for items related to .exe processes, and for this reason it is reported to be appearing quite a number of times during messages with fatal errors. As a reporting tool for errors, applications that are security related will display warnings, involving the dwwin.exe file attempting to modify, write or read several of these and other .exe files. This is its normal function, as it reduces the chances of a system crash by investigating events that may lead to this outcome.

The Dr Watson error reporting application causes quite a number of user complaints, such as applications crashing or not loading during normal computer use. One way of addressing this situation is to scan regularly for spyware, or viruses, and download updates from the Windows update service. Some say that the available updates that are currently in circulation do not fix the condition. In that case, it is recommended that the service tool be disabled completely.