RegClean is a utility that is given freely from Microsoft to enable users to repair problems that arise in the registry, which commonly occur with Microsoft products. RegClean works by analyzing the structure as well as the integrity displayed by the Windows registry. It is also used to find registry keys that may contain missing or incorrect values and then cleans the records in a file referred to as ‘UNDO.REG’ file. This utility clears the problems effectively and safely in order to improve on the overall performance of the computer.

In addition, Regclean cleans the system so that users can take a shorter time when rebooting the system to access their work. The registry is given a fresh start so that the system operates in a very healthy way. Regclean will be effective only on the systems that are compatible with it. The depth of its analysis for the Windows errors also determines how effective Regclean is. Regclean does not go through a long process of scanning through the whole registry process unlike the registry mechanic. It is therefore fast at removing the errors that would otherwise slow down the system.

Regclean package is relatively small, although the utility lacks multiple features. The utility has been rated as very effective by many users. One feature that Regclean has is the back-up capability in that if files are deleted by mistake, they can be recovered easily. The utility has simple controls for the users, a feature that has made it popular among the users since they are able to easily go through the program. Regclean has been found to be very thorough in cleaning the system and highly reliable.

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