The latest version of Google Chrome web browser will have a totally new browser engine, which Google has chosen to christen as “V8”. Apart from the obvious resemblance to the famous car model, Google also announced that the all new browser engine will focus on making the web browsing of a user much faster than before. According to Google, this has been accomplished by incorporating code within the engine that allows it to render web pages loaded with JavaScript code at lightning fast speed.

According to a post taken from the blog of Google Chrome, this is the message that Google wants to send out to users of Chrome: “Web applications are becoming more complex. With the increased complexity comes more JavaScript code and more objects. An increased number of objects puts additional stress on the memory management system of the JavaScript engine, which has to scale to deal efficiently with object allocation and reclamation. If engines do not scale to handle large object heaps, performance will suffer when running large web applications.”

The new version has already been tested extensively, and appears to be a lot faster than the Mozilla Firefox browser. The pages seem to load with the click of the mouse, and display well as well. The most significant boost, not surprisingly, has apparently been achieved by the Google Docs, and GMail, both of which are loaded with JavaScript codes. These applications, according to Google, will work at least 30% faster than before, which is awesome! Websites loaded with JavaScript seem to load at whiplash speeds in the newest version of Google Chrome as well, which should revolutionize the web surfing experience of millions of users.

However, some users will possibly be disappointed, since the new version still does not have the ability to automatically spell check as you type text. Some other features that seem to be present on other browsers are also missing, but it is expected that those will be included in the next version. Besides, Google Chrome does not support any add on yet, which is a significant difference from the Mozilla Firefox browser. The Firefox browser has almost unlimited customizability, thanks to the hundreds of add on utilities that are being manufactured and released every day, by the open source community.

The constant dependence of people on Google utilities has been a cause of alarm for many PC users worldwide and only time can tell whether this is justified. However, for now, let us enjoy the revved up V8 version of Google Chrome, that seems equipped to change the very perception of users towards internet surfing.