Frustrated Skype users can get back to their usual routines as the video calling service receives a much-needed upgrade from Microsoft, taking care of a syncing glitch to improve usability between different devices.

In a blog post released on Thursday, Skype product marketing manager Elaine Ansell talked about the video calling service’s “enhanced chat experience”. According to Ansell, all chats are no synced across your Skype-enabled devices, allowing users to pick up where they left off no matter how they connect to the service. The upgrade also made push notifications available to allow mobile device users to be notified of any waiting messages.

“Now you can have peace of mind that your friends will receive messages even if they’re no on Skype at the time you hit ‘send’,” Ansell said. In the past, Skype’s chat glitch had caused some messages to be marked as ‘read’ even when they had not, in fact, been seen by the recipient, causing some confusion amongst users.

Skype users are not required to download anything for this upgrade to take effect, so long as they are running the most recent version of the software.