If you own a Linksys Wi-Fi router either at home or in your office, beware of a new piece of malware that’s been attacking firmware and replicating itself.

The malicious software known as ‘The Moon’ has apparently infected as many as 1,000 Linksys devices already, spreading from router to router by scanning for nearby vulnerabilities. According to sources, the malware has so far affected Linksys E1000, E1200, and E2400 routers, though it is not clear yet how dangerous the infection actually is.

So far, the malware has been seen to infect routers and replicate itself, but it is not clear to what extent it does damage, or if any damage is done at all. According to Linksys’ parent company, the malware may simple send a message back to its creators when it has infected new hosts. Since it is unclear whether the worm will develop further, users are still advised to take precautions against it by using the Disable Remote Administration feature on their Linksys device.