The figures are in on mobile operating system adoptions- and it’s not looking great for Google’s Android platform this time. Analytics firm Mixpanel has revealed that while the vast majority of iPhone users have made the switch to iOS 7, the same cannot be said for Android’s struggling Kit Kat update.

According to Mixpanel’s real-time adoption statistics tracking system, between 88-90% of Apple devices are running on the latest operating system. In stark contrast to that is Android Kit Kat, which is apparently only being used by around 8% of all Google OS users. Although all mobile operating system upgrades are available absolutely free of charge, Android users seem not to be opting to keep their software up-to-date.

Apple’s most recent software update is iOS 7.1, which was only issued recently as a much-needed patch to certain security vulnerabilities. Since the release of this new update, Mixpanel has reported that the patch is in use by as many as 31% of users.