This week, video game makers Electronic Arts found that not only had their website been breached by hackers, but the page had been transformed into a phishing scheme. Users logging on to the compromised site were prompted to give their credit card information, along with passwords and other personal data.

The major security breach was first noticed by security firm Netcraft, who promptly notified EA of the situation on Tuesday. EA has confirmed that following their own investigation into the phishing scheme, the fake site has been removed from their domain, making the website safe for users once again.

“We have found it, we have isolated it, and we are making sure such attempts are no longer possible,” said EA spokesman John Reseburg in a statement to technology news site CNET. Reseburg went on to confirm that privacy and security were of paramount importance to the company.

In a blog post, eagle-eyed security analysts at Netcraft confirmed that the phishing attack had first been used to gain victims’ Apple IDs and passwords before asking for full names, credit card numbers, and a long list of personal data. It is not clear how many EA users were affected by the scam.