The smartphone market is dominated by Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms- just ask Blackberry and Windows Phone about how tough the competition can be. Attempting to break into a very competitive market, Firefox OS has found a niche by turning its attentions on the low-cost phone market.

To gain a foothold in the super-competitive world of mobile operating systems, Mozilla has chosen to release Firefox OS on a number of low-end smartphones, targeting markets which may be neglected by Apple and Google. In the past, Apple has been criticized for failing to offer any low-end options, and even the cheapest Android phone may still be too pricey for a number of developing mobile markets. Emerging markets and first-time smartphone buyers will be able Mozilla’s target buyers for the release of its first mobile operating system.

This method has already proved a success in the markets where Firefox OS has already been debuted; despite its recent release, the platform made up 12% of smartphone sales in the growing market of Venezuela, and 8% in Colombia.