The BUP suffix is used to identify a DVD information backup file normally stored on video DVDs. It is a backup file for IFO files on DVDs that holds information concerning the organization of menus, tracks, subtitles and chapters on the DVD disc.

File Extension BUP are normally used when corresponding IFO files are unreadable, perhaps because of scratches on the disc surface. In case the DVD player fails to read the information from VIDEO_TS.IFO file; the application will attempt to obtain the required information from the BUP backup file. This file is vital for all DVD-compliant discs. Other files with the BUP format include the CD Indexer File, PC-Bibliothek Update File, Softcode Tracker Contact Manager Backup and the Brother Embroidery system file.

This file is mainly used by a number of applications to create backups for IFO files. BUP files are accessed using multimedia players and should not be opened directly or manually. Just like IFO files, the BUP file format is not an encrypted file. Applications related to this file format include Intervideo’s WinDVD, Apple DVD Studio Pro, Nero Showtime and PowerDVD. Normally this backup file is useful when the original IFO files become corrupted or damaged. This file format has two file associations, namely the Backup file and the DVD IFO Backup file. The BUP file format is categorized as a backup file and maintains backed-up data created automatically using other applications.

The generation of the BUP files occurs when, for instance, an application crashes, or an original file is corrupted, and its restoration is required. To open file extension BUP, various backup programs can be used. The DVD IFO Backup file is also categorized as a backup file. It holds information relating to the content in a DVD disc. To open and view BUP files on a Mac Operating System, users are required to have Apple DVD Studio Pro installed, while on a Windows operating system users are recommended to use Cyberlink PowerDVD, Nero Showtime or InterVideo’s WinDVD to open the file.

Backup files are important in case the computer crashes. Though some files are easily replaceable, there are those that are irreplaceable and hence backup files become vital. With IFO backup files, you can rest assured that even if the system crashes or the files are damaged, a backed up copy is available. Occasionally, BUP files are automatically generated by creator applications before the system crashes. This file format is also used by archive programs for the storage of backup information.

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