At one time or another you may hear your friends talking about it, or you may even be so unfortunate that you get to know that you have been touched with the Blue Screen of Death!! This sounds like Darth Vader coming for real but believe me, if it does happen, it’s even worse. If you are working on a project and all of a sudden your screen turns blue and you get a message “Beginning of Physical Memory Dump” then prepare yourself for a huge hassle with you PC, apart from losing all the work you did since you last saved! This is not uncommon with Windows XP systems and you are really helpless once this happens.

When the Blue Screen of Death happens you need to reboot your PC and hope it does not happen again. The cause can be hardware or software related. You can pay a technician to come and check out your PC, but it will cost you dearly, because the cause can be memory, hard disk, main board or other incompatible hardware. It can also be corrupted or incompatible software drivers.

One of the best ways to at least prevent the Blue Screen of Death on your Windows XP system is doing regular maintenance by using