After a spate of rashes caused by the new FitBit Force, the fitness tracking company is facing a class-action lawsuit. It is estimated that 1.7% of FitBit Force users have been affected by a skin irritation caused by the device, prompting a product recall.

The lawsuit, which was filed by the Gomez Firm in San Diego, will require the fitness tracking company to contact every Force owner in the state of California. The class-action suit launched against FitBit is also seeking a full refund of $130 for Californian customers, along with shipping fees and taxes.

Bizarrely, part of the action against FitBit is being taken by a user who has experienced no skin rashes or averse affects after using his Force fitness tracker. According to the Wall Street Journal, 49-year-old aviation instructor Jim Spivey remains unaffected by the FitBit Force, but feels that the company did not do enough to alert its customers of potential harm.

Speaking to news site TechCruch, a FitBit spokesperson stated that the company has already publicly offered refunds to any dissatisfied customers.