Even though support for Windows XP will officially end for users in April 2014, Microsoft announced today that it would continue to release updates for security products until July 2015. Users who have not yet updated to a more recent version of the Windows operating system will still be able to receive updates to their security programs for an additional 15 months.

Although there have been several newer version of Microsoft’s operating system released, there are still millions of computers around the world running on Windows XP. Since announcing an end of support date, Microsoft has been trying to encourage stragglers to update to a more secure system.

Even though security programs will continue to be updated until July 2015, Microsoft stated that these programs are expected to only have limited effectiveness once Windows XP is out of support. The operating system is now over 12 years old, and may be vulnerable to attacks even with security software installed. The recommended course of action from Microsoft is for users to upgrade to a newer system if they wish to continue receiving updates and support.