TaskFacade 4 is the all new graphical utility for Windows® Mobile based cell phones. It allows users to switch between applications with better ease than the present task managers available for Windows® Mobile do. TaskFacade 4 is supposed to be the perfect replacement of the now popular HTC’s TouchFLO 3D UI, which is often hailed as one of the best utilities ever created for the mobile version of Windows®. An easy to use tool for developers and novice users alike, TaskFacade 4 features a user-friendly, intuitive user interface. TaskFacade 4 replaces the Start menu of Windows® in order to present users with a more powerful yet user friendly interface that allows them to switch between their applications and the task manager in a hassle free manner.

The Windows® Task Manager is difficult for a lot of users to make use of in a proper manner. Many Windows® users seldom use the Task Manager, since it is difficult to understand. As a result, while the Task Manager helps some users achieve better control over the way applications run in their PC, it remains out of reach of many inexperienced users. TaskFacade 4, however, has been built keeping in mind the solutions of these exact drawbacks.

TaskFacade 4 represents processes in the form of panels. Each panel links to the description of a single process. Clicking on the panel of a certain process brings up another window containing information on that process, along with a screenshot of it. This information is easier to understand than that shown in the Windows® Task Manager and the accompanying screenshot helps the user to easily identify the process and quickly switch to it if the situation demands. This one touch switching between processes, which can be done either by pressing a button or simply by tapping the screen once (for touchscreen phones), is what makes TaskFacade 4 better than other applications of its class. The program exhibits ultra sensitivity and lightning fast response towards the tapping of the screen in touchscreen cell phones, indicating well-optimized support for this facility. The button-pressing function is also highly responsive, which essentially means that tapping the key gently will do the trick.

Taskfacade 4 features a skinnable user interface, and ships with 5 built-in skins, allowing users to customize the looks of this useful application according to their tastes.