A further WhatsApp outage late last week was blame on an issue caused by a network router glitch according to the messaging service.

The popular app, which was purchased by Facebook late last week for a whopping $19 billion experienced several problems over the weekend, igniting user fears that the acquisition spelled the beginning of the end for the service. Due to these problems, the service was unavailable to a large number of users at various times over the past weekend.

“We are sorry about the downtime,” said WhatsApp founder Jan Koum in a statement sent to Reuters. The outage, which was the largest and longest the service had experienced in a number of years; Kuom stated that the company was working with its service provider to resolve the issue and ensure it wouldn’t be repeated.

Although naysayers were very quick to point the finger at Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook, a quick look at WhatsApp’s history shows that outages are not entirely out of the ordinary for the service.