OneNote is Microsoft’s handy collaborative information-gathering tool, saving and collating data in various formats from handwritten notes to audio commentaries and everything in between. After 10 years of service, the application is finally available for use on Apple’s OS X and has even been made free for all users.

In the past, OneNote was available for free on only a few platforms; any users running Windows 7 or earlier had to buy a new copy of the Microsoft Office suite in order to use the software. The app, which was previously also available free of charge on Windows Phone, has also been released to work on the iOS and Android mobile operating systems.

While some of the features have been altered, the result is still largely the same; a handy information-sharing application which can be an invaluable tool for group products. Microsoft has recently faced stiff competition from similar applications such as Evernote, which offered many of the same functions as OneNote for a far smaller price.