The entire world is watching as the strange saga of Malaysian Airlines flight unfold, but beware of news links promising an end to this mysterious and devastating story. Cybercriminals have been using fake news links to lure people to their malware-infested websites with the promise of good news.

Videos or news links promising headlines like “Missing Malaysian Airlines Plane Found” have spread like wildfire through social media sites Facebook and Twitter. According to security analysts at Malwarebytes, these hopeful headlines are being used by opportunistic malware creators to spread their software across social networks.

According to analysts, the links first appeared on Facebook, requesting access to user profiles in order to share a fake video stream of the missing Malaysian plane. Giving access to the personal information in your profile could allow hackers to use your phone number and e-mail address, which may lead to a more serious security breach.

Facebook has reported that the company is working to remove all malware links from its vast network.