Despite the buzz around charismatic CEO Marissa Mayer’s ability to turn the company around, Yahoo has reported a dip in its revenue for the second quarter in a row at the end of 2013.

Even Yahoo’s critics can admit that a lot of change has already taken place within the company since Mayer took the CEO position; software has been refined, websites have been updated and general dead weight has been cut from the company. However, despite the efforts and innovations from Yahoo, the company saw a drop in revenues at the end of 2013.

Year-over-year, Yahoo’s revenue was down by 6%, whilst income was similarly down by 8%, making 2013 a somewhat shaky year for the company financially speaking.

Regardless of these worrying numbers, Yahoo’s public relations team tells the same optimistic story every time the question is asked.  Mayer herself is never anything less than chirpy about the company’s position; “We are extremely heartened by the year-over-year traffic increase we experienced in 2013, an early sign of return on our investments and the acquisitions we’ve made.”