Although Apple’s overhaul of the iOS operating system has been widely adopted by many iPhone users, there are still a couple of glitches lurking inside iOS 7’s bright and cheerful redesign.

One complaint which a percentage of iPhone users have been making for a while is about the supposed “white screen of death” bug. Ever since iOS 7 was first released last year, many users have experienced the glitch, which causes the smartphone to reboot abruptly- displaying a white Apple logo on a black background.

Reports of the glitch began to reach Apple as early as September, but despite several software updates, the issue was never formally addressed. Luckily for frustrated iPhone owners around the world, Apple has just officially announced that a fix for the bug is on its way to their smartphones in the near future.

In addition to offering a remedy to this annoying little issue, Apple will also reportedly make some minor UI and design changes when it officially releases iOS 7.1 in the coming months.