Taking a page out of Twitter’s book, Facebook has announced the introduction of a Trending feature- with one major improvement on the old formula.

Where Twitter’s Trending Topics bar is dominated by Justin Bieber and YOLO hashtags favored by throngs of tweeting teenagers, Facebook’s take on the feature will feature personalized topics. The trending topics you’ll see on your Facebook page will be influenced by what you like, where you live, and what your friends are posting about.

Since Facebook introduced hashtags last summer, the introduction of trending topics was also hinted at too; however the company only officially announced the introduction today. The rollout is expected to start slowly, with a handful of countries and a small percentage of users receiving the first wave of updates. It is also expected that the Trending bar will make an appearance in Facebook mobile apps before long, but the update is still being tested.

Keep a look out for Trending topics on your Facebook page within the next few months. The new bar is set to appear on a sidebar just to the right of your newsfeed, right beside the state update bar.