After a long period of silence over the rise and fall of Flappy Bird, developer Dong Nguyen hinted at a possible desire to bring his app back on the market sometime in the future. During an interview with Rolling Stone, Nguyen stated that he is considering allowing his hugely popular app on the market, but it might not be as simple as fans hope.

Although fans around the world may wish for Nguyen to bring his popular app back online, Apple’s developer guidelines may not make that very easy. After deleting the app from iOS and Android app markets, Nguyen may never be able to restore his game to its former spot after all.

According to Apple’s Terms of Service agreement, the young developer essentially forfeited the right to use the name Flappy Bird on iOS, as well as all of its ad revenue, which amounted to an impressive $50,000 a day by some reports. Android users may be interested to hear that Google Play does not impose the same restrictions on its developers.