Although Apple likes to remind consumers that its devices are less susceptible to malware, make no mistake; malicious software does exist for Mac operating systems. The latest piece of malware discovered to be preying on Apple users has been monitoring browser activity in order to gain access to BitCoin wallets.

The trojan horse malware found to be affecting OS X systems is called OS X/CoinThief.A, and is cunningly disguised as a normal application called StealthBit. The malware appeared on GitHub disguised as a legitimate Bitcoin tool, however, once downloaded and installed, the malware uses a browser extension to log users’ internet login details and security credentials. Information gathered while the user is harmlessly browsing the internet, or accessing their personal Bitcoin wallets is then sent on to third party servers to be exploited by hackers.

The malware was designed to fool Apple users by disguising its malicious extensions with seemingly-harmless names like “pop-up blocker”. It is not clear yet how many Apple users have had their Bitcoin accounts emptied by this malware or other similar programs.