If you’re a frequent PayPal user, you know that protecting your account’s security is of the utmost importance. A new phishing scam has been spotted by a number of users who received a fake email with the subject “Dear PayPal”.

The email from phishing scammers claims to be from PayPal and asks uses to download and complete an attached form. The scammers are attempting to trick users by claiming that there has been unauthorized activity recorded on their PayPal account and asking for personal information in order to proceed with security measures as usual.

As with all scam emails, this one does not come from an official PayPal server and should not be trusted or replied to by any user. Do not reply to this email or download the attached form, and make sure not to give any personal information to any source you are not familiar with. The attached form asks for information such as home address, credit card number, date of birth, and other details which can easily be used to steal your credit details.