A lot has been said about how 4K resolution is the future of video, but so far that future still feels a little far away for most people. Apple is stepping up to bring its Mavericks platform up the speed with the requirements for streaming Ultra HD video.

According to Apple newshounds 9to5Mac, the newly-released beta of OS X 10.9.3 gives users the option to run the operating system in a 4K resolution. Of course, this won’t mean much for users whose screens are not capable of displaying real 4K resolution, but it will make a difference to those already using an Ultra HD monitor on their Mac.

Prior to this, 4K was not available to most Macs, but the new feature- dubbed ‘Retina’ by Apple- will be able to scale the operating system up to the new display. This change will make images sharper and more readable, and should be similar to the Retina displays seen in recent MacBook Pro models.