Recurrent computer slow downs and the continuous hard disk activity can not only prove to be very frustrating for a computer user but it can also cause money, time and energy wastage. Most computer users are therefore going to great lengths to ensure that they cut down on the computer slow down; however most of the available solutions are not entirely effective. It has been determined that turning off the disk defragmenter is able to solve the problems related to computer sluggishness.

The hard drives need to be defragmented after sometime by the use of disk defrag utilities. Such utilities for Windows Vista have an automatic feature of defragmenting the hard disk when the computer is still idle. This feature ensures that the computer does not experience any slowdowns while one is working. It is also possible for one to defragment the hard drives manually. After observing the Windows’ Resource Monitor, it has been determined that excessive activity in the disks is also known to cause slowdowns to a computer system. This it does by causing the Central Processing Unit and the Random Excess Memory to reduce their level of activity. To turn off disk defrag in Vista is sometimes not easy, since it’s also visible on the task bar manager making it very difficult for users to pinpoint it as being responsible for system slowdowns.

The Windows disk defragmenter in most cases will not be detected to be the culprit causing the system to slow down. It’s also notorious for converting operations; it can be run while one is in the process of working and does not even pause as a risk to other activities in the computer. In most cases, running system checks for spyware, viruses, hard drive and memory will not be able to detect the windows Vista defrag utility and neither will the system be any faster. Disabling certain Windows services such as Search and SuperFetch which most people claim are known to cause system slow downs will not solve the problem if the problem lies with the Window Vista defragmenter. Once the Windows Defragmenter has been detected as being the cause of system slowdowns; it is usually set to “Run on a schedule”.

Turn off disk defrag and your system will instantly get faster.

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