Startup Processes

If your computer loads a lot of programs at the time of booting up, then it will start slow and consequently run slowly as well. If you have a lot of applications installed in your PC, a number of which get loaded at startup, then you should keep your startup process as streamlined as possible. This would make sure that your PC starts up fast, allowing you to load the applications as and when you need those.

The first and foremost tool that you can use to streamline your startup process is the MSConfig process built into Windows®. This process helps you to prevent unnecessary processes from being loaded during startup. Here’s how to manually disable startup programs:

  1. Click on “Start” button and select “Run”.
  2. Type “MSConfig” (without the quotes) in the box and hit Enter.
  3. In the General tab, select the option “Selective Startup”. Leave the other settings as those are.
  4. Select the tab “Startup” and uncheck the processes which you do not want to be loaded at system startup. Be sure not to uncheck the antivirus applications. These need to be loaded from startup itself so that your computer stays safe.
  5. Click on “Apply” and then on “OK”.
  6. You will be prompted to reboot your PC. Do so and all of the changes you made will take effect as soon as your PC starts up again.

This is how you use the Windows® default process to streamline your startup. However, if you find the MSConfig utility to be too complicated, you can use simple tools with easy-to-understand interfaces. SpeedUpMyPC (SUMP) is a good choice. SUMP is an award winning software that can optimize Windows® startup process, make your PC run faster and solve general problems regarding the running of your PC as well. The system is pretty intuitive. Once you install it, you can scan your PC and optimize it directly through one click of the mouse.

Once you check the startup of your system with SUMP, you will find all of your startup processes listed in the window. From there you can simply select the processes that you want to disable and remove all of those from startup at one go. SUMP is indeed one of the best tools for optimizing Windows® systems.

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