Music streaming service Beats Music seems to be in tune with its potential customers, signing up as many as 1000 new paying subscribers per day without issuing any free trials. According to a Bloomberg report, the service is also managing to hang on to 70% of its AT&T trial users after the free introductory period ends.

Although relatively new to the online music game, Beats is taking its target market by storm if Bloomberg’s unnamed company sources are correct. After launching to the public on January 21st of this year, Beats offered a 90-day free trial to AT&T Family customers and 30 days to individual AT&T wireless customers. As these free trials expired, the music streaming service was able to retain 70% of its AT&T customers.

The service, which offers unlimited music streaming for $9.99 is doing extremely well in a field which was previously entirely dominated by competitors such as Spotify and Pandora. Unlike its competing services, Beats does not offer a free trial to most users.