The hotly anticipated Steam Machine by Alienware is expected to hit shelves in the second half of 2014.

Several attendees at the Steam Dev Days developer conference have confirmed that Alienware made an announcement regarding the Steam Machine. According to reports from several sources, Alienware officials announced that the console would be released during September.

Confirming the announcement to website, Alienware global marketing director Bryan de Zayas wrote that the intention was to have the console released in time for the holiday season, but nothing was set in stone. “September is our goal but that is still a long time away and things can change.”

In preparation for the release of the console, which is intended to compete against the latest Xbox and PlayStation consoles, Alienware has been taking feedback from developers and gamers. Keen to set itself apart from the larger manufacturers, Alienware has gone out of its way to gather feedback and make upgrades according to the opinions of the few gamers lucky enough to have tried the Steam Machine.