Icons are graphic images that are used to represent a function on the computer’s GUI (Graphical user interface). Icons generally look like standard image file but in order for one to create the icons, special software is required. The software should be able to create and at the same time save the image using the file extension ICO. Icon size will depend on the type of application associated with it. There are other icons that will need 16 x16 or 32 x 32 pixel images. The color of the icon will also be different.

Programs that can be used include Icon Composer, Photoshop or Microangelo. To start creating an icon, the installed icon program should be opened. Then select the appropriate icon size. The common icon pixel sizes are 16 X 16, 32 X 32 as well as 48 X 48. one should ensure that the size of the icon is large enough to prevent it from having ragged edges. Select the appropriate color suitable for that particular image. There are various icon colors available ranging from orange, red, blue, yellow or blue. The icon used can be created from scratch or one can use an already created icon. When choosing an icon, ensure that it matches the program or website it is designed for.

From the Tools menu, select the Add Drop Shadow and apply it to the icon. Applying a shadow effect prevents the icon from being transparent. Reduce the size of the icon to small size such as 8-bit image. Choose a tool button, which represents the new format of the image. Then create a 256-color format of the new icon. The image can then be saved using the new format. The formats that can be used include GIF. Other programs such as Easel can also be used to create icons from images.