WinZip Computing, the maker of the WinZip® compression utility, recently announced that they are about to introduce a new compression format that will surpass the capability of many other popular formats available now. The new format is being called the Zipx format, and the files created in this format will have the extension of .zipx. The format will be supported by the upcoming updated version of WinZip®, namely, the WinZip® 12.1.

The Zipx file format has been created using the latest compression technologies available and the capability of the end result will surpass that of many of those formats. The Zipx files benefit from superior compression technology that helps users create compressed files that are smaller than those created with any other technology. Besides, sending these files to others via the internet is pretty much hassle-free as well. Zipx particularly aims at revolutionizing the sending of images over the internet, allowing the users to resize the files as required, before using the ‘Zip and E-Mail’ option. Recipients of those files will be able to view the images before even extracting those, via a built in image viewer.

The new Zipx files can only be opened using the newest version (12.1) of WinZip®, or by some other compatible utility. These files will not open if the user is using any of the previous versions of WinZip®. However, users of the 12.1 version of WinZip® will still be able to create files that are compatible with previous versions of the software. WinZip® Computing has already made available all relevant data about this new format to developers of other popular brands of compression software, anti-virus software, applications and search engines. This is especially advantageous for developers of antivirus software, who will need the information to make sure that their anti-virus software packages can access and scan Zipx files.

WinZip® Computing has also created an add-on for the Command Line version for WinZip, in order to make it compatible with the new Zipx format. This powerful utility is a favorite among power users, which is available for free for all registered users of WinZip®. The recent version, namely, version 4.0, will fully support the Zipx file format.

WinZip® 12.1 will be available as a free upgrade to all users of the registered version of WinZip® 12.0. New users will can download a trial version from the