Not sure what to expect from the next iOS update? Not to worry, Apple tech hounds at 9to5Mac have released a complete list of the updates and refinements which just might make it into the smartphone’s next operating system. After the relatively large overhaul seen in iOS 7, there is still a little bit of refining to do with Apple’s next mobile OS.

CarPlay is Apple’s next big step towards making its technology even more mobile than ever by integrating it with our vehicles. Although CarPlay is available over a cable link in iOS 7, reports are in that the next operating system upgrade will allow the feature to work over WiFi in certain vehicles. This lines up very neatly with Volvo’s plans to allow wireless communication with iOS in future mobels.

While new features pop up, some old ones may be cleared away; reportedly on the chopping block is the Game Center app, which proved to be unpopular with users. More refinements may also be made to the Notification center, possibly reducing its tabs to just “Today” and “Notifications” in order to make things simpler.

Apple are also thought to be making changes to the Voice Memos app in iOS 8 in order to make the controls more visible, as well as giving users more control over how Messages are stored or deleted.