As the technology and digital industries continue to grow, there is further demand for skilled designers, developers and technicians which many countries may not be able to provide. In an effort to create better educational opportunities for the developers of the future, the UK has pledged to increase the focus on programming in the educational system.

This year, the UK will lead the world by becoming the first major G20 economy to give coding an important part in the national curriculum. It was announced on Wednesday at the Skills 2014 Summit in London that a new initiative would be introduced to give teachers the opportunity to learn coding. These newly-trained teachers would then hopefully be able to provide better guidance to students interested in a career in the growing field of technology entrepreneurship.

The project includes the designation of 400 “Master Teachers” who would themselves be able to train school teachers in how best to provide technological education and resources for students. There is also a scholarship program available for those who are interested in become computing teachers, which is being backed by technology giants such as Microsoft, IBM, Google, and Facebook.