South Korean news outlets are abuzz following the speculation that technology giant Samsung may produce its own line of smart eyewear before the end of this year. According the reports, Samsung may even unveil the product at the IFA trade show in September.

Though Samsung have yet to officially respond to the rumors surrounding its latest product, the smart glasses have been given the speculative name Galaxy Glass by reporters at the Korea Times, who first broke the story. Reportedly, the glasses will link up to Samsung smartphones and display information such as email and text messages, whilst allowing users to make voice calls and listen to music, amongst other functions. Korea Times has cited as yet unnamed officials with the company as the source of this exciting information.

Although all information about these smart glasses is purely speculative at the moment, Samsung did file a patent last October for an electronic device mounted inside eyewear. The patented device, which was first reported by the Wall Street Journal, included built-in earphones to allow users to make calls.