C-Media CMI8738 is the name of a highly integrated audio chip that is designed for use with computer add-in sound cards and motherboard audio. This series of chips have been adopted worldwide because they are the most cost-effective PCI audio chips. This chip offers support for legacy audio such as MIDI MPU-401 port, SBPRO and FM emulator. It also supports 4-channel 16-bit DACs to offer surround sound.

This driver offers support for wavetable music synthesis, karaoke, reverbs, equalizer, Xear3D, EAX 2.0 functions, and multi-channel 3-dimensional position gaming audio using Windows drivers. Linux drivers are also available in a majority of Linux Operating Systems. C-Media CMI8738 is the perfect choice for users seeking cost-effective optimum solutions for their PC audio. This audio chip also offers comprehensive support for drivers and includes a complete range of audio functions.

C-Media CMI8738 driver comes with the  audio chip package. The package normally contains drivers for all PCI cards based on CMI8738 chipsets. The driver only works in Windows XP and calls for the computer to have an audio card that is CMI8738-based. It is always wise to contact the hardware manufacturer of the system in order to get the perfect end-user support drivers for C-Media.

It is always advisable to run a free scan to detect outdated and non-functional C-Media drivers. To add, install, setup or update the C-Media Soundcard, always confirm the C-Media manufacturer, the category for the soundcard, the model number, driver version and Operating System. To install C-Media drivers, define the device model for the C-Media soundcard, define the OS then search the driver category for the soundcard. Next find the driver for the C-Media soundcard then select C-Media CMI8738, CMI8338 Sound WDM Driver Windows XP. After doing this, download C-Media CMI8738, CMI8338 Sound WDM Driver, and then install it. Finally, reboot or restart the computer in order to complete the installation process.

The C-Media CMI8738 offers HRTF-based 3-dimensional audio for about 4 to 6 CH output. It also comes with a professional-based digital interface that supports 24-bit SPDIF IN/OUT 44.1 and 48K. With a built-in earphone buffer of 32 ohms, PCtel HSP56 Modem interface, ZV port and a bus master of 32-bit PCI, this audio chip offers quality sound. This chip also has comprehensive driver support, karaoke and microphone echo, descending and ascending key effects and one chip design. The C-Media CMI8738 audio chip offers excellent sound system performance.

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